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Earning While Learning/Part-01

HCL TechBee Program After 12th

Foods & Foodies – 01

Good Food with Good Shelf Life

Do we really have the ‘Third Eye’?

Myth or Mystery?

The Father of Animation & The World of Animation

Deadly Pandemics

Facts & Factoids/Part-04

Health Notes:

Good health is the key to a good life.

We are starting this topic by publishing articles containing basic and valuable information about common health problems that we face in our life and to deal with them effectively.

The Creation of Human Race

“Retired Great Warrior…. Still On the Battlefield…”

General Knowledge / Part-06


Father of Railways

American Pharoah, the First to win the Grand Slam of Thoroughbred Racing:

Facts & Factoids / Part-05

First To Implement The Light Pollution Act

Why Do Elephants Have Big Ears?

Story Told By Bones

General Knowledge / Part-05

The World’s First Known Author/Poet

The Princess/The Priest


Father of Modern Taxonomy

“The Prince of Botanists”

General Knowledge – 04

The Costliest Tornado in the U.S. History

Action of Bones & Joints

Medical Vocabulary of Movements

General Knowledge with Illustrations

Everyday English Phrases / Part-01

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Everyday English Phrases / Part-01

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The Smiling Beauty

First Ever Vaccination in the World

What are YOU looking for?

The Cyclonic Monk

Banking in China – 2000 years ago

Money Lending Systems in the Ancient World / Part-1

Coronary Artery Disease

The First Woman Patent Holder

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Which sign of the zodiac is represented by a bull?

Medical and Health Facts….

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Which is the oldest university in the USA?

What is the SI unit of intensity of illumination?

Human Body Organs – Functioning

Aromatic, Spicy & Healthy…. Leaves…

Practical English

History illustrated

Science illustrated

Health & Fitness

Educational Topics

Ancient & Epic World

Lore Tales

General Knowledge

Myths & Mysteries

The Formation of Humans….

Hoover Dam

The Founder of Bangalore City….

Deadly Pandemics

The Closest Star



These are Paired Conjunctions or conjunctions in pairs.

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Two or more related words together used as conjunctions are called correlatives or correlative conjunctions.

Trends Mill

Magna Carta:

The Stars and Stripes:

The Flying Finn – The Hero of Long-Distance Run

An Action-Adventure Film & The Incredible Success:

The First Woman in the Federal Office of America

The Greatest German Opera begins:

Father of Railways

Creator of the World Wide Web (www):

The King of Rock n Roll’s Mansion – Listed as a Historic Place – for the First Time

American Pharoah won the 12th Triple Crown:

An Economist, To Address The Prolonged Unemployment:

Hollywood’s Mesmerizing Star & Great Humanitarian:

The Father of Blood Banks:

The Youngest First Lady in the White House

First To Implement The Light Pollution Act

May – in History

The First Copyright Act in the USA

Joan of Arc burned at the stake

The First Climbers of the Mount Everest:

The People’s Car…

What are Diminutives?

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What is Zeta?

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Muses of the Greek mythology

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The Eiffel Tower

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World First School of Philosophy

The Vedas & Hinduism

Star Wars & Indiana Jones:

The First Cars:

The metal used to mint coins:

The first woman to hold a seat in the British parliament:

Who established the first permanent colony in New World (North America) and when?

The Pilgrim Fathers in…… (Read More…..)

The Pilgrims

Amulets….. a superstition…!?

Amulets are objects or ornaments believed to have protective power to safeguard from Demons, evils, diseases, bad luck, misfortune, witches, sorcerers, and from anything harmful of the nature of supernatural power. Read More…

Facts & Factoids

Tasting Food:

We cannot taste the food before it is dissolved in saliva in our mouth. Surprising fact is that we produce saliva roughly 10,000 gallons in life time.

46 Child Eating Yoghurt Illustrations & Clip Art - iStock

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Florence Nightingale

Founder of Modern Nursing

World’s First Travelers

Path-breakers with their Heroic journeys

XUANZANG (602-664):

Xuan Zang was a Chinese Buddhist monk, scholar, traveler, and translator.

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Volcano With Loud Explosion