Diminutive is a word that is formed from a word (Noun) with a suffix (such as -let or -kin) to indicate smallness.

There are two types:

1. Basic Diminutives: A diminutive-word that is derived from the same word (noun).

2. Derived Diminutives / Derivatives: A diminutive-word that is derived from another word (noun) (A Derivative).  


Below are the list of important Diminutives:

Noun-WordMeaningDiminutivesMeaningType of Diminutive
AnimalA living organism characterized by voluntary movementAnimalculeA small or tiny animal/Microscopic organism such as an amoeba or parameciumBasic Diminutive 
AnkleThe joint connecting the foot with the legAnklet1. An ornament worn around the ankle.
2. A sock that reaches just above the ankle
Basic Diminutive 
Arm  A human limbArmlet  A band worn around the arm for decorationBasic Diminutive
BallA round object/A lavish dance requiring formal attireBallet/BulletA theatrical representation of a story/A projectile that is fired from a gunBasic/Derivative  
Baron1. A nobleman (in various countries) of varying rank 2. A very wealthy or powerful businessmanBaronetA member of the British order of honor (below the rank of a baron but above a knight)Basic Diminutive
BirdWarm-blooded egg-laying vertebrate having wingsBirdieA small bird. (a little girl/a young woman)Basic Diminutive
Booka written documentBookleta small bookBasic Diminutive
BraceA clasp, buckle, or other fastener Jewellery worn around the wrist for decorationBasic Diminutive
BrookA natural stream of water smaller than a riverBrookletA small brookBasic Diminutive
BullThe uncastrated male of the ox or other bovine animalBullockA young bull. (Now, a bull after castration)Basic Diminutive
CaskA cylindrical container that holds liquidsCasketSmall and often ornate box for holding jewels or other valuablesBasic Diminutive
CatFeline mammal includes domestic cats, lions and tigersKittenYoung domestic catBasic Diminutive
CircleThe round outline of an objectCirclet1. A ring, band, or hoop worn as an ornament, esp. on the head
2.a small circle
Basic Diminutive
CityA large and densely populated urban areaCitadel1. A stronghold into which people could go for shelter during a battle
CockAdult male chickenCockerelA young domestic cock; not older than one yearBasic Diminutive
ConventA religious residence especially for nunsConventicleA small (regular) assembly or meetingBasic Diminutive
CoverA covering that serves to conceal or shelter somethingCoverletA small cover/A decorative bedspread (usually quilted)Basic/Derivative
CrownAn ornament on the head as the symbol of the power of a monarchyCoronetA small crown; usually indicates a high rank but below that of sovereignBasic Diminutive
DameA female ruler or headDamselA young unmarried woman, (one of noble birth)Basic Diminutive
DearSomeone who is lovedDarlingA person who is dearly lovedBasic Diminutive
DuckSmall wild or domesticated web-footed broad-billed swimming birdDucklingA young duckBasic Diminutive
EagleAny of various large keen-sighted diurnal birds of preyEagletA young eagleBasic Diminutive
EyeThe organ of sightEyeletA small round usu. reinforced hole in leather, cloth, sailcloth, etc.Basic Diminutive
FlowerReproductive organ of a plant often colorfulFloweretA small flowerBasic Diminutive
GlobeAn object with a spherical shapeGlobuleA small globe or ballBasic Diminutive
GooseWeb-footed long-necked aquatic birdsGoslingYoung gooseBasic Diminutive
GrainA relatively small granular particle of a substanceGranuleA tiny grainBasic Diminutive
HomeA place of livingHamletA group of houses or a small villageDerivative
HillA natural elevation of the landHillockA small natural hillBasic Diminutive
IceWater frozen in the solid stateIcicleIce resembling a pendent spear, formed by the freezing of dripping waterBasic Diminutive
IsleA small islandIsletA small isle Basic Diminutive
LambA young sheepLambkinA very young lambBasic Diminutive
LanceA long pointed rod/spear used as a tool or weaponLancetA small lance/surgical knifeBasic Diminutive
LassA girl or young womanLassieAn unmarried girl or young woman (an endearment word)Basic Diminutive
LatchA door or gate fastenerLatchetA leather strap or thong used to attach a sandal or shoe to the footBasic Diminutive
LeafThe organ of a plant etc.LeafletPart of a compound leaf/ A small book usually having a paper coverBasic Diminutive
LockA fastener fitted to a door/ A strand or cluster of hairLocketA small ornamental case; usually contains a picture/a lock of hair and is worn on a necklaceBasic Diminutive
ManAn adult male personManikinA life-size dummy used to display clothes/A person who is very small/ A woman who wears clothes to display fashionsBasic Diminutive
MaidA girl/a young (unmarried) woman)MaidenAn unmarried girl (especially a virgin)/A maidservant, a female attendant/ an over in which no runs are scored(cricket)Basic Diminutive
OwlNocturnal bird of preyOwletA young owlBasic Diminutive
PartA portion of an objectParticle/Paddock a tiny piece of anything/A small area of ground  Basic Diminutive
PigDomestic swinePigletA young pigBasic Diminutive
PoetA writer of poems/a creative personPoetasterAn inferior rhymer, or writer of verses/a dabbler in poetic artBasic Diminutive
RingA rigid circular band of metalRingletA small ringBasic Diminutive
RiverA large natural stream of waterRivuletA small streamBasic Diminutive
SackA bag made of paper or plasticSatchel Luggage consisting of a small caseBasic Diminutive
SeedA small hard (part of) fruit, which may be sownSeedlet a small seedBasic Diminutive
ShadePartial or comparative darknessShadowShade within clear boundariesDerivative
SphereA solid figure bounded by a round surfaceSpheruleA small sphereBasic Diminutive
StreamA natural body of running water on or under the earthStreamletA small streamBasic Diminutive
TableA piece of furniture with a flat surface supported by legs.TabletA small flat slab of stone, metal, or woodBasic Diminutive
TopThe upper part of anythingTipThe extreme end of somethingBasic Diminutive
TowerA structure taller than its diameterTurretA small tower extending above a buildingBasic Diminutive
VerseA piece of poetryVersicleA short verseBasic Diminutive
WeakWanting in physical strengthWeaklingAn effeminate or unmanly personBasic Diminutive
YoungAny immature animal/personYoungster / YounglingA young person of either sex/ A young person or animalBasic Diminutive