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1. Which alloy of copper and nickel is used for coins?

  • Cupronickel.
  • Cupronickel or copper-nickel (CuNi) is an alloy of copper that contains nickel and strengthening elements, such as iron and manganese.

Cupronickel is highly resistant to corrosion by salt water, and is therefore used for piping, heat exchangers and condensers in seawater systems, as well as for marine hardware. It is sometimes used for the propellers, propeller shafts, and hulls of high-quality boats.

2. Who established the first permanent colony in New World (North America) and when?

  • The Pilgrim Fathers in 1620.

In the history and culture of the United States, the word Pilgrims or Pilgrim Fathers became very prominent.

Pilgrim Fathers

They were a group of English families. They started their journey on a ship called Mayflower under the leadership of John Robinson, Richard Clifton, and John Smith to North America in around 1605.

There they established the Plymouth Colony or Plymouth, Massachusetts. They Plymouth is a port city in South West England.

3. What are the primary colors that make purple?

  • Red and blue.
  • To make purple the basic colors needed are red and blue.
  • Other colors can also be mixed to make shades of purple.
  • To create lighter purple, – white, yellow or grey are mixed to the purple colour.

4. What is the sixth letter of Greek alphabet?

  • Zeta.
  • The Greek letters (alphabet) were (was) belong to one of the earliest known ancient scripts and still in use. Its origin goes back to about 800 BCE. There are 24 letters in the Greek beginning from Alpha to Omega.
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  • Zeta is the sixth letter. In numerology it has the value of seven (7).

5. What is the capital of Indonesia?

  • Nusantara (new capital). Jakarta (old capital).
  • Jakarta remained as the Capital of Indonesia until 16th January 2022 since the formation independent Indonesia from Dutch Empire in 1945.
  • Due to sinking and pollution of Jakarta, Indonesia government announced the shift of capital from Jakarta to Nusantara, a newly planned city about 2000 km away from Jakarta. Nusantara means group of islands.

6. Who was the first woman to hold a seat in the British parliament?

  • Lady Nancy Astor, an American-born British politician.
  • She became the first female MP in the British parliament on December 1, 1919. She was born in Virginia in 1879. Until the end of World War II, she continued to serve as an MP.
  • She supported education expansion and role of women in civil service in and out of parliament.

7. When did the Crimean War take place?

  • It was a military conflict between Russia and an alliance of France, the United Kingdom, the Ottoman Empire and Piedmont-Sardinia.
  • There were three main battles in the Crimean War.
  1. The battle of the Alma on September 20, 1854.
  2. The battle of Balaclava on October 24.
  3. The Russian attack at the Inkerman in November.
  • During the Crimean War, Florence Nightingale came to prominence as “the Lady with the Lamp” by serving wounded soldiers. Her new nursing practices in serving patients made her the founder of the modern nursing.
  • Finally, the Treaty of Paris was signed as a result of peace negotiations at the Congress of Paris, and the war ended on March 30, 1856.

8. What is the tallest living land mammal?

  • Giraffe.
  • At standing position, the height of the fully grown giraffe lies about 16-20 feet (about 4.8 to 6 meters).
  • The significant feature of giraffes is their long neck of about 6 feet (1.8 meters) and tall legs which are generally taller than adult humans. They weigh up to 1590 kg (3,500 pounds).
  • After giraffe other tallest land animals are namely the African elephants, ostriches, brown bears, the Alaskan moose, the Arabian camels, Shire horses, and the American bison.

9. Who produced the ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Indiana Jones’ film series?

  • George Lucas.
  • George Lucas (George Walton Lucas). Lucas has been nominated to four Academy Awards. He created history by these films that are among the highest money making movies at the box office. He is best known as one of history’s most successful producers.
  • He is an American film director, producer, screen writer, and entrepreneur.
  • He made Star Wars and Indiana Jones under the banner Lucas films.
  • He was the chairman of the company until it was sold to the Walt Disney Company.

10. What is the third color of the rainbow?

  • Yellow.
  • There basically appear seven colors in the rainbow that are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. Thus the acronym VIBGYOR (the first names of the colors of the rainbow in reverse) has become popular to remember the colors.
  • Rainbow appears in the sky as a multi-colored circular arc. It is a light-spectrum caused by reflection, refraction and dispersion of light in water droplets.

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