Secret Love Story of Alexander

Unbelievable Romantic Story

A beautiful and romantic love story between two great warriors.

One was the conqueror of the then-known world about more than 2300 years ago, Alexander the great.

Another was the great warrior queen of Amazon, Thalestris.

Imagine, how thrilling the romance between them could be!

Whether it’s true or mythicized by writers, but the idea of a romantic liaison between them (two such great warriors) always sounds so sweet and thrilling, isn’t it?

In Greek mythology, the Amazons were a tribe of female warriors who excelled in martial arts.

They are believed to have lived in Asia Minor, present-day Turkey.

As per some confabulations, the Amazons were great fighters and hard-core feminists.

Thalestris was the queen of Amazons at the time of Alexander.

She was renowned for her courage and beauty.

According to ‘Diodorus Siculus’ this love story begins in 330 BC.

Diodorus Siculus was an ancient Greek historian. He lived in first century BCE.

He was the first ancient author to write the history of the world in 40 books.

He wrote Bibliotheca Historica (the Universal History) between 60 and 30 BCE.

As per his writings, this love story starts from the defeat of Darius III, the Persian King, by Alexander the great.

Diodorus narrates Alexander as the greatest of all men in his achievements and Thalestris, the superior to all women in strength and courage. 

As it was explained in his World History:

After the victory over Darius, Alexander reached Hyrcania – in modern-day Iran and Turkmenistan, which was on the shore of Caspian Sea and camped there with his army.

While Alexander was at this camp, Thalestris arrived there with 300 of her women warriors in armour.  

Surprised by her sudden arrival, Alexander asked her the reason behind her visit.

She replied that she fell in love after hearing his success stories and decided to have a child through him.

And she told him that the offspring of the superlative parents like us, would surpass all other mortals in excellence.

She invited Alexander to have sex.

Alexander was delighted by her summons and granted her request.

They spent 13 days and nights together in immense romance.

When she was sure she had pregnancy, she decided to go.

Alexander honored her farewell with great generosity and gifts.

And Thalestris departed with her women warriors. 

An interesting question arises here.

Did Thalestris’ wish to give birth to Alexander’s child come true?

There begins another fascinating story.

Let’s discuss this in another blog.

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