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The Lost Cities in Future/The Endangered Cities

The First Emperor of China

The First full-pledged University

Suddenly October 5 turned into October 15…!?! How?

Disaster Management-01

Cyclones & Floods

Kempe Gowda I

Founder of Bangalore City

The First YouTube Video

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Active & Passive Voices/Basics/

Facts & Factoids – 09

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Where Was Gouthama Buddha Born?

Facts & Factoids – 08

Let Time Go on….

A Socio-Fantasy Thriller
From MAM Labs/Coming Soon/
Let Time Go On..

Earning While Learning/Part-01

HCL TechBee Program After 12th

Foods & Foodies – 01

Good Food with Good Shelf Life

Do we really have the ‘Third Eye’?

Myth or Mystery?

The Father of Animation & The World of Animation

Deadly Pandemics

The Creation of Human Race

“Retired Great Warrior…. Still On the Battlefield…”

General Knowledge / Part-06

Father of Railways

American Pharoah, the First to win the Grand Slam of Thoroughbred Racing:

First To Implement The Light Pollution Act

Why Do Elephants Have Big Ears?

Story Told By Bones

The World’s First Known Author/Poet

The Princess/The Priest


Father of Modern Taxonomy

“The Prince of Botanists”

The Costliest Tornado in the U.S. History

Action of Bones & Joints

Medical Vocabulary of Movements

General Knowledge with Illustrations

Everyday English Phrases / Part-01

Watch the Video

The Smiling Beauty

First Ever Vaccination in the World

What are YOU looking for?

The Cyclonic Monk

Banking in China – 2000 years ago

Money Lending Systems in the Ancient World / Part-1

Coronary Artery Disease

The First Woman Patent Holder

Which sign of the zodiac is represented by a bull?

Medical and Health Facts….

Human Body Organs – Functioning

Aromatic, Spicy & Healthy…. Leaves…