Common Sports Injuries


The common injuries generally a sportsperson suffer are often involved with the muscular

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What is a muscle?

Muscle is a band or bundle of fibrous tissues that has the ability to contract and
produce movement in a human or animal.

  • The classification of muscles or the muscular system in our body:

There are 3 types of muscles that form the muscular system in our body.

  1. The skeletal muscle:
    It is attached to the body and helps the body to move. Most of the
    muscles in our body are skeletal muscles.
  2. The smooth muscle:
    These are the internal muscles associated with the internal organs.
    These are also called involuntary muscles that means these cannot be
    controlled voluntarily.
  3. Cardiac muscles:
    These are associated with the heart. These are also involuntary and
    similar to smooth muscle. The cardiac muscle is extremely strong and
    the entire muscle contracts at the same time.

The common sports injuries are:

This is a stretch or tear in a ligament.

  • Ligament is a band of connective tissues joining the ends of bones.

What is ligament?

Sprains are ranged in severity.

  1. Simply stretched sprains result in inflammation, tenderness, and/or pain.
  2. Severely stretched sprains result in torn ligaments making it difficult to move the
    affected limb or joint.

  • The most vulnerable areas of the body to sprains:
  • Ankles, knees, and wrists.

  • Strain is an injury to a muscle or tendon.

What is a tendon?
Tendon is the connective tissue joining muscles to bones.

  • Strains cause pain, muscle spasm (an involuntary muscle contraction), and loss of strength.
  • Strains occur when the muscle or tendon is pulled, twisted, or torn as a result of overstretching or over-contraction.

  • It is the painful and swelling condition of a compartment in the body or a body part.
  • It is caused by an acute hit to certain parts of the body, or ongoing overuse injuries occurred in sports such as long-distance running.

What is a compartment in our body?

  • A compartment is composed of tough membranes located throughout the body.
  • The muscles, nerves, and blood vessels are arranged within these compartments.

When a muscle is injured and becomes inflamed, the swollen muscles can expand and fill the compartment.
This swelling can cause interference with the nerves and blood vessels in the compartment
and results in a painful condition known as compartment syndrome.

  • The Achilles tendon connects the calf muscle to the back of the heel.
  • The Achilles Tendon injuries often occur among people who do not warm up properly prior to exercising. These injuries can cause severe and sudden pain.

What is a calf muscle?

It is a larger muscle in the leg.

Injuries in this area occur when the tendon is stretched too far, torn, or irritated in some
Professional athletes who are required to quickly accelerate and jump, such as in football and
basketball are often prone to these injuries.

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