The First Cars

The primitive man who started his journey on foot first learned to attach carriages to animals like horses and continue his journey with them.

Many years later, man’s creation of cars is an important milestone in the evolution of human civilization.

Today we use many types of cars to suit our needs.

But the first attempts made by man in making cars as well as the first cars made by him are very interesting to know like a fiction story.

That’s the story of – “The First Cars”.

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The Story of The First Cars/Eng

Cugnot “Fardier” was the first car built in 1770.

It was built by Nicolas – Joseph Cugnot, a French inventor.
He named this first automobile the ‘Fardier a vapeur’.
It’s powered by Cugnot steam engine and is not of much practical vehicle.

In the early 19th century, more practical steam-powered cars were available.

Bordino steam carriage was of its kind.

This vehicle is basically a ‘landau’ (means horse carriage) without horses and with a
boiler at the rear and an engine under the cabin.

Steam engine cars were not successful because they were heavy, expensive and

With the invention of Internal Combustion engine (IC engine) by Etienne Lenoir,
Belgian engineer, the first practical power unit for cars was developed in 1860.

By 1890, Karl Benz and Gottlieb Diamler in Germany and Albert de Dion and Armand Peugeot in France were building cars for sale to the public.

Karl Benz of Germany created Motorwagen in 1885 using a four-stroke engine of his
own design and took patent and named it “Benz Patent Motorwagen”.

In 1885, Gottlieb Daimler, an engineer, designer, and industrialist, of Germany`, created the first internal combustion motorcycle and named it “Reitwagen” (riding car).

He named the engine ‘Grandfather Clock engine’. This engine was used in motor boats also.

Then in 1886 he designed Daimler Motorcoach.

Independently Benz and Daimler each produced an automobile in the same year 1886 both in Germany, about 60 miles apart.

Albert de Dion:

Albert de Dion was a French automobile industrialist. He initially built a model steam

He owned the De Dion-Bouton automobile company, the world’s largest automobile
manufacturer for a time.

Armand Peugeot, French industrialist, pioneered his company Peugeot into a manufacturer of bicycles, and of automobiles later.

These cars heralded the age of the motor car. But of course, these were as said earlier, primitive, expensive, and produced in limited numbers.

The production of the first cars was time-consuming procedure because they were
assembled manually from individually built parts.

This required skilled mechanics.

Henry Ford, a Detroit car manufacturer, business magnate and founder of Ford Motor Company in America solved this problem.

He introduced mass production by using standardized parts with a moving production line.

It cut the production for a car from several days to about 12 hours, and eventually to minutes, making cars much cheaper than before.

The first mass-produced car was Ford Model – T, launched in 1908.

By 1920, half of the cars in the world were Model T – Fords.

This is the story of the first cars in short.

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