The Dreadnought

The English King, George V launched the Dreadnought in 10 February 1906.

At that time, she was the most powerful battleship in the world and her design inspired naval power. She was the first battle ship to have main battery instead of having large guns. She was also claimed to be the first and fastest capital ship (most important warship) powered by steam turbines.

She was the first and only battleship to destroy a submarine (SM U-29, a German submarine) in the First World War.

She was decommissioned in February 1919 and sold on 9 May, 1921 (two years later) for scrap.

Today, the tradition of classifying and manufacturing warships around the world as “dreadnoughts” and “pre-dreadnoughts” is popularized from its design.

Her name was used for the Britain’s first nuclear submarine HMS Dreadnaught (S101) in 1960.

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