SS Savannah

SS Savannah became the first steamship to cross the Atlantic Ocean in 1819.

She was an American hybrid sailing sidewheel steamship. She was fitted with a steam engine and paddlewheels in addition to her sails.

The steam engine was intended to use in calm weather conditions because there was not enough space to carry sufficient fuel.

She was the only ship that was fitted with retractable paddlewheels. Steven Rogers was the sailing master who supervised the hull and rigging during her construction.

Her historic voyage from Savannah harbor to Liverpool, England on 24 May, 1819 was commanded by Captain Moses Rogers. By June 20, she reached Liverpool after 29 days and 11 hours journey.

After 25 days of repair work, she left for St. Petersburg in Russia and arrived there on September 13. She started her journey homewards on September 29 from St. Petersburg. Having experienced some bad weather Savannah reached the home port on November 10 after nearly six months from the date of her departure.

She wrecked on 5 November, 1821 at Long Island in southeastern New York State.

Her commemorative stamp for 3 cents was issued by the USA on May 22, 1944.

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