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Health Notes:

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Acne is a group of abnormal bumps or spots (called lesions) that form on the skin.

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These bumps are in other words called pimples.

Pimples especially on the face and neck are mostly experienced by teenagers.

The effects of acne or pimples on the skin are two types.

  1. Mild Acne:

They are not serious type. They come and go with or without any treatment.

They even don’t leave any signs.

  • Severe Acne:

They are serious type and cause scars on the body part. These scars can be mostly lesion-type symptoms like bumps or spots on the skin. Severe acne is more common in boys than girls.

The Main Cause of Formation of Pimples:

Pimples are the reaction of the skin for the natural changes taken place inside the body.

Pimples form on face especially during the stage of puberty or mature for boys and girls.

The main reason is at that time the body produces more hormones (chemicals).

The rapid increase in hormones speed up the skin’s productions of oil.

This extra oil and dead skin cells clump up together that causes clogging pores or tiny openings in the skin.

There remains an oily gland under the clogged pore that delivers more oil. This extra oil makes the pore swell up to form pimples.

This is a very natural process and very little a person can do to prevent acne.

Treatment for Pimples:

The below given measures to be taken to prevent acne from getting worse.

1. The best treatment is cleaning up acne:

Washing the affected skin with a mild soap regularly (mostly twice a day) can be helpful.

This removes clogged oil and dead skin cells caused by acne.

2. Taking medical help in case of severe acne:

Medicated lotions or creams suggested by doctors can be put on the skin.

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