Facts & Factoids-08

Facts & Factoids-08

01. Why does fainting occur?

Why does our head fall down first when we faint?

Fainting is called hypoxia.

Brain function is particularly dependent on oxygen.

Our brain uses, more than 25 percent of the body’s oxygen supply, (at rest it is about 20%).

If there is not enough oxygen supply to the brain, we faint.

In such a case, the head first tilts towards the ground, in an attempt to immediately take in oxygen.

This is because, more oxygen is concentrated closer to the Earth, due to the effect of gravity. If hypoxia persists for more than two minutes, permanent brain damage is possible.

02. Who invented Aspirin?

Felix Hoffmann invented Aspirin.

He was a chemist, at Bayer AG.

It is a chemical company in Germany, patents aspirin. In 1915 aspirin became available to the public, without a prescription, as the over-the-counter medicine.

It has become a household name around the world.

Acetylsalicylic acid, ASA, known as Aspirin is a commonly used drug, for the treatment of pain and fever, due to various causes. Aspirin has both anti-inflammatory and antipyretic effects.

03. Why do Asteroids Collide with Planets?

Asteroids are small bodies orbiting the Sun.

They are composed of rock and iron.

They were unable to form distinct planets when the solar system was born.

Most of the asteroids travel in a belt between Mars and Jupiter. This is called Asteroid Belt.

Asteroids, often, collide with planets and other asteroids.

The reason is, Jupiter’s gravitational Pull.

Because of this Pull, asteroids move into erratic orbits.

04. Who produced ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Indiana Jones’?

George Lucas.

Most Successful Movie Maker of Hollywood.

He is an American film director, producer, screen writer, and entrepreneur.

He made Star Wars and Indiana Jones under the banner Lucas films.

He created history by making these movie series.

He was the chairman of the company until it was sold to the Walt Disney Company.

George Walton Lucas has been nominated to four Academy Awards.

They are among the highest money making movies at the box office.

He is best known as one of history’s most successful producers.

05. What kind of fish are to be kept in Home Aquariums?

  • Brief Story.

Aquariums were first used by the Romans.

They became a popular hobby in Europe in the 15th century.

  • Four types of fish are kept in home aquariums.

Tropical freshwater species.

Tropical marine species.

Cold water freshwater species.

And, cold water marine species.

The most important factor in choosing an aquarium is, it should resemble the fish’s natural habitat.

Then only they can live naturally.

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