Facts & Factoids-07

Facts & Factoids/Part-07/

01. What is Intestinal Obstruction? 

Any hindrance in the movement of feces or chyme through the intestine.

Common Symptoms:

Cramps, vomiting, nausea, and failure to pass gas and feces.

Affected parts:

About 85% of all obstructions, occur in the small intestine.

The remainder, affect the large intestine.


Two types.

  1. Mechanical obstruction.
  2. Nonmechanical obstruction.
  • Mechanical obstruction:

Most obstructions are mechanical.


Hernias of the bowel, or twists that pinch the bowel shut.

            Intestinal tumors, or adhesions, or foreign objects lodged in the bowel.

  • Nonmechanical obstructions:


A halt in peristalsis, often, when movement of the intestine, is inhibited by trauma, or of any surgical related condition.

02. What are Human Rights?

Human Rights are basic rights like a right to justice, a right to equality, a right to adequate food, etc.

Human rights enable us to respect each other and live with each other.

People all over the world have been concerned with human rights.

Human rights evolved over many centuries.

They were widely recognized, accepted and expanded in 20th century.

All children, women and men have human rights which entitle them to live with dignity, with true worth or with self-respect.

03. Amphibians are their orders.

Amphibians are cold-blooded vertebrates that are vertebrates.

They can live both on land and in water. But reproduction is done in water.

Frogs, toads, newts and salamanders belong to this genus.

Scientifically they are classified into three orders.

Name of first order:

  • Anura:


Frogs and toads are frogs.

Name of the second order:

  • Urodela.


Newts and salamanders.

Name of the Third Order:

  • Apoda.


Sicilian. Sicilians have no legs. They are almost blind.

04. What is Spirit Money or Ghost Money?

Spirt money is used in Chinese spiritual traditions.

  • To communicate with spirits.
  • To propitiate spirits.

Spirit Money resembles cash bills. Some feature images of spirits.

It is available in traditional Asian clientele or scrapbooking supplies or in Chinatown.

It is believed that by burning of spirit money messages are reliably sent to the spirit realm.

Other varieties of mystical paper such as Joss, Fu, Paper Horse are also used like spirit money. 

05. What are the Deadly Pandemics Attacked Humans Since 2000 years?

Human kingdom has seen many deadly virus attacks.

Cholera, Bubonic Plague, Smallpox, and influenza are few of the brutal killers in human history. A brief look into the accounts of the pandemics in the past.

  • Antonine Plague: 165 AD.
  • Plague of Justinian: 541-542 AD.
  • The Black Death: 1346-1353.
  • Third Cholera Pandemic: 1852-1860.
  • Flu Pandemic: 1889-1890.
  • Sixth Cholera Pandemic: 1910-1911.
  • Flu Pandemic: 1918.
  • Asian Flu: 1956-1958.
  • 1968 Flu Pandemic.
  • HIV/AIDS Pandemic: 1976-till date.
  • COVID-19: 2019-till date.

06. Who is the Father of the Animation?

Zenas Winsor McCay is known as the Father of the Animation.

Initially he worked for Dime Museums making posters and performing cultural events. In 1903, he joined the New York Herald. His first animated movie “Little Nemo” was released in theatres on April 8,        1911.

It was made by him in black-and-white with 4000 drawings.

He released his second animated movie “How A Mosquito Operates” in 1912. 

His next animated movie was “Gertie The Dinosaur”.

His techniques were later followed in Walt Disney’s animated films.

Walt Disney honored McCay’s Techniques and paid tributes to McCay in 1955 on an Episode of Disneyland named “The Story of Animated Drawing”.

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