Facts & Factoids-06/Eng

Simple But Significant…

1. The Moon is moving slowly away from the Earth at the rate of an inch (2.5cm) per year.

The Moon’s gravitational force creates a tidal bulge in the oceans of the Earth.  The reason is that it pulls certain parts the Earth more strongly closure to it.

This tidal bulge occurs slightly ahead of the Moon because the Earth rotates much faster than the moon.

There happens the pushing of the moon into a higher orbit around Earth. Due to a number of physical phenomena, its orbit is getting larger every year.

It is true that the moon, our only natural satellite, is moving away from us.

2. Never hold your nose and cover your mouth when sneezing, as it can blow out your eyeballs.

If the nose and mouth are tightly covered while sneezing, the back-force may lead to many complications such as:

  • Air may get trapped in the chest between both lungs which is called pseudo mediastinum.
  • Eardrums (tympanic membranes) may get perforated.
  • Blood vessels in the brain may get ballooned and ruptured (called cerebral aneurysm).
  • Blood vessels in the eyes and ears may get exploded.

The proper way of sneezing:

            It is said by experts that the hygienic practice while sneezing or coughing is – covering our mouth and nose with a soft cloth or a tissue paper and throw them after the use. In the absence of such things cover the nose or mouth with the elbow (avoiding mostly your hands).

3. The largest bicycles manufacturer in the world.

The Hero Cycles Ltd.

It is an Indian Company based in Ludhiana, Punjab state.

The company was started with a capacity of 25 bicycles per day. Today it has a production capacity of 19,500 bicycles per day at two units. Today the top models from Hero cycles with disc break are:

Hero Cycles – Top Models

Hero RX2 Sprint:

A 21-geared bicycle, very comfortable to ride with double suspension (both front and back).

Hero Octane Endeavour (Sprint Pro):

Built with 21 Shimano gear, front suspension, low maintenance, and very comfortable to ride

Hero Octane DTB Plus:

Made with 21-Shimano gears, dual suspension, rim brakes, easy to ride.

Hero Octane Dude:

Steel frame, front-wheel suspension, 21-spee Shimano gear, front tyre’s quick releasing functionality for easy maintenance.

Hero Sprint Next:

18-speed Shimano gears, sturdy steel frame, lot of additional accessories like mud-guard, side stand, front and back reflectors, etc., dual suspension for comfortable ride.

4. Unique sexual reproduction system found in most of the frogs.

In most animals, including humans, sexual reproduction occurs through mating.

But, most frogs prefers external fertilization.

Female frog lays eggs first and male frog fertilizes it later.

In almost all frogs, egg fertilization happens outside the female’s body instead of inside. The female releases her eggs and the male releases his sperm at the same time.

The frog, for example, lays her eggs near a river or stream for later fertilization by any compatible male frog that happens by, while humans customarily have reproductive sex together, at the same time.

People are very different from frogs in this way of reproduction system.

5. The term gymnastics comes from the Greek words ‘Gymnos’ or ‘Gymnasium’ or ‘Gymnazein’ meaning “to exercise naked.” In ancient Greece male athletes exercised unclothed in a gymnasium.

Gymnastics is said to have begun in ancient Greece about 2500 years ago. The main purpose was to get trained for being fit for sporting activities or war.

All students had to practice gymnastics in ancient Greek.

In ancient Greek, nude acrobats used to perform floor exercises, lifting weights, and racing one another. They used a mix up of exercising and learning with pagan style.

Tournaments like rope climbing, rings, tumbling, pommel horse, racing, etc. were held in the Greek city of Athens and were first exhibited at the Greek Olympics.

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