Deadly Pandemics

Human kingdom has seen many deadly pandemic attacks.

Cholera, bubonic plague, smallpox, and influenza are few of the most brutal killers in human history.

Outbreaks of these deadly pandemics has killed many people across international borders. Existence of Smallpox has been 12,000 years throughout history and it alone killed between 300-500 million people. The recent ones still troubling us are AIDS and COVID-19.

Time has only been the witness of the devilish dance of these deadly viruses.

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Our only weapon is ….. Hope and Fight back……. for better future generations…….

Stand firm to kill the monster Corona that much ruthlessly.

  • Their widespread hunting and killing list is huge.

Let’s take a brief look into the accounts of their deadly hunting dances in the past.

List of Pandemics since the long ago….

From the recorded history, beginning from Antonine Plague (165 AD) to till date, all the devilish pandemics are given herein.


This ancient pandemic killed almost 5 million people.

Also known as Plague of Galen.

The true cause is unknown, but is thought to have been either Smallpox or Measles,

  • Affected regions are Asia Minor, Egypt, Greece, and Italy
  • It was unknowingly spread by the returning Roman soldiers from Mesopotamia in 165 AD.


  • It killed 25 million people perhaps half of the population of then Europe.
  • It was a bubonic plague (Bubonic Plague affects lymph nodes)
  • It affected Byzantine Empire and Mediterranean port cities and devastated the city of Constantinople.
  • The killing rate estimated 5.000 people per day at its peak.

3. THE BLACK DEATH (1346-1353):

  • This was also a bubonic plague and killed 75 – 200 million people.
  • It ravaged Europe, Africa, and Asia from 1346 to 1353.
  • It is thought to have originated in Asia.
  • It most likely jumped continents via the fleas living on the rats that so frequently lived aboard merchant ships.
  • Ports were the perfect breeding ground for the rats and fleas those days, and thus the insidious bacterium flourished, devastating three continents in its wake.


  • This cholera killed 1 million people.
  • It is considered the most deadly of the seven cholera pandemics, the third major outbreak of Cholera in the 19th century lasted from 1852 to 1860.
  • Like the first and second pandemics, the Third Cholera Pandemic originated in India, spreading from the Ganges River Delta through Asia, Europe, North America and Africa.

5. FLU PANDEMIC (1889-1890):

  • This Influenza was the first true epidemic in the era of bacteriology and killed 1 million.
  • It was originally called the “Asiatic Flu” or “Russian Flu”
  • The outbreak of the Influenza was thought to be a virus subtype H2N2. But recent discoveries have found that H3N8 virus subtype was the cause.
  • The first cases were observed in May 1889 in three separate and distant locations of Bukhara in Central Asia (Turkestan), Athabasca in north-western Canada, and Greenland and spread across the globe. 


  • The Sixth Cholera Pandemic, like its five previous incarnations, originated in India and killed more than 800,000 people.
  • It spread to the Middle East, North Africa, Eastern Europe and Russia.
  • Cholera cases had been cut down by 1923, although it was still a constant in India.

7. FLU PANDEMIC (1918):

  • The deadly outbreak of influenza tore across the globe between 1918 and 1920 and infected over a third of the world’s population and ended the lives of 20 – 50 million people.
  • The mortality rate was estimated at 10% to 20%, with up to 25 million deaths in the first 25 weeks alone.
  • Strangely, it had begun striking down hardy and completely healthy young adults also.

8. ASIAN FLU (1956-1958):

  • Asian flu was a pandemic outbreak of Influenza of the H2N2 subtype.
  • Death toll was 2 million; 69,800 of those in the US alone.
  • It originated in the Guizhou province in China in 1956 and lasted until 1958.
  • It travelled to Singapore, Hong Kong, and the United States.


  • It is referred to as “the Hong Kong Flu” – a category 2 Flu pandemic.
  • It was caused by the H3N2 strain of the Influenza virus, a genetic offshoot of the H2N2 subtype.
  • Death toll was 1 million.
  • It was first reported on July 13, 1968 in Hong Kong and spread to Singapore and Vietnam in only 17 days.
  • Within three months It spread to the Philippines, India, Australia, Europe, and the United States.


  • HIV/AIDS has truly proven itself as a global pandemic, killing more than 36 million people since 1981.
  • First identified in Democratic Republic of the Congo in 1976.
  • Currently there are between 31 and 35 million people living with HIV.
  • The vast majority are in Sub-Saharan Africa, where 5% of the population is infected (roughly 21 million people).
  • It was at its peak from 2005 to 2012 and the deaths dropped from 2.2 million to 1.6 million.
  • HIV has far more become manageable, and many of those infected go on to lead productive lives nowadays. 


  • A new (“novel”) coronavirus began appearing in human beings in December 2019, in the region of Wuhan, China.
  • That’s why, it has been named Covid-19, a shortened form of “coronavirus disease of 2019”
  • While it was initially seen to be an epidemic in China, the virus spread worldwide within months.
  • The WHO declared Covid-19 a pandemic in March.
  • By the end of March 2019, more than a half-million people infected and caused nearly 30,000 deaths. 
  • As of June 22, 2020, more than 8.86 million people were infected worldwide in around 210 countries and caused nearly 470,000 deaths.
  • As of December 15, 2020, there have been over 72 million cases worldwide in around 210 countries. The death toll has been approximately 1.6 million by this date.
  • This new virus spreads incredibly quickly between people, due to its newness.
  • Careful hand-washing and social distancing are the best practices for this disease.
  • Countries across the world declared mandatory lockdown (stay-at-home) measures, closing schools, businesses, and public places.
  • Dozens of companies and many more independent researchers began working on tests, treatments, and vaccines.
  • Now the survival of the human race has become the primary concern in the world.

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