Atrahasis – The Myth & The Facts

Aside from Darwin and other human evolutionary theories, many wonderful things, considering the many myths that were once passed down to mankind by their ancestors, seem to be socio-fantasy films of today.

Without going into the discussion of whether these are real or myths, if we look at our ancestors, that is, the whole ancient world, many of the myths told in the ancient civilizations of that time try to narrate – “How this original creation came into being”.

Through this series called “Myths & Mysteries” – we try to present you with many such epic features here onwards.

Atra Hasis:

Atra Hasis dates back to the 18th-17th centuries BC. It is a legend of the Akkadian period, which flourished as part of the Mesopotamian civilization.

It gives a good idea of ​​why the gods created the human race. It’s similar to a good alien movie type script in Hollywood movies.

Atra Hasis describes the formation of humankind.

Moreover, it tells us why humans have a special intelligence than any other animal on earth.

Let’s go back to the Akkadian civilization period (part of Mesopotamia) of approximately 1800-1700 BC.

Some scholars mention The Atrahasis epic as the Babylonian Genesis because there is more or less a similar story of Flood such as the Great Flood in the Gilgamesh Epic and also as the Noah’s Ark in the book of Genesis.

It tells about the reasons how the resentment between gods born and grown.  

The core theme according to the Atrahasis myth revolves around the rifts between gods and creation of humans.

There were initially two kinds of gods, the great gods and the lesser gods.

At the beginning lesser gods serve great gods by giving them food and drink. Dressing and housing is also the duty of the lesser gods. It’s more or less similar to the duty of priests to the statues of the gods in temples.

Their meek and submissive role makes the lesser gods feel bitter and they become indignant.

They refuse to serve the great gods. 

This situation leads to a condition of great gods suffering hunger and thirst.

They become helpless.

There ‘Enki’, a wise god comes forward and resolves the problem. He then creates a new race titled human beings to serve gods. He cleverly designs humans as mortals making them from clay so that they never claim themselves to be gods or divine entities.

Thus, he solves the problem of resentment between gods.

He produces humans as the servants to gods.

And he takes care that humans never claim to be gods in future.

But Enki gives humans having divine intelligence.

For this purpose, he creates humans with godly intelligence by infusing the blood of one of the lesser gods into humans by sacrificing him.

This myth, thus, tries to explain the reasons why we have great intellectual powers separating us from other animals.

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