Official Name:

Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Geography & Demography:

Capital: Kabul.

Area: 251.773 sq. mi.

Population: About 42,000,000 (year 2022)  

Literacy: 28%

Life expectancy: 45

Currency: Afghani

GDP per capita: $800


Industrial: Small scale production of textiles, soap, furniture, shoes.

Agricultural: Opium, wheat, fruits, nuts, wool.

Exports: Opium, fruits, nuts, handwoven carpets, wool, and cotton.

Afghanistan in a nutshell:

Afghanistan is a land locked country of ethnic minorities.

It is located in Central Asia hence called the ‘Heart of Asia.

There are mainly 7 ethnic groups in Afghanistan.

Pashtuns (Pathans or Pakhtuns) are the most populated group with 42%. They inhabit the desert dominated southern plateaus.

The second majority group is Tajiks (27%). They are Persian-speaking Iranians.

Hazaras and Uzbeks each share with 9% population of the country.

Tajiks and Uzbeks live in the northern plains and valleys.

The Hazaras live in the central highlands.

The other major ethnic groups are:

Aimaqs – 4%

Turkmen – 3%

Baloch – 2%

Others – 4%

Afghanistan has been suffering from decades of (internal) war. It referred to as a hotspot of international military action. Now the economy is getting stabilized in the sectors of industrial and agricultural.

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