The Oldest Theatre since 1663

The Theatre Royal, dated back to 1663 has been in use till today.

It is now a complex of four theatres located in the West End at Drury Lane, in London, England.

It is popularly known as Drury Lane Theatre. It was formerly called “The Theatre Royal in Bridges Street”.

During the English Restoration of the Stuart monarchy, Thomas Killigrew, an English dramatist and theatre manager, built the first theatre.

After a fire accident, the theatre was rebuilt by Killigrew in 1674. He renamed it the ‘Theatre Royal in Drury Lane’.

It has gone through many structural modifications since then. During Covid-19 pandemic it was extensively renovated in 2019-2021.

Since September 8, 2021, regular shows has been on and the debut film after restoration was Disney’s Frozen premiered on 27 August, 2021.