Pollution & Environmental Issues


Pollution means undesirable state of the natural environment. Today the environment is getting contaminated with harmful substances as a consequence of human activities.

The root cause of pollution is the waste matter that contaminates the water, air, or soil.

Day by day the natural resources are getting impure and unfit for use. This has a long ranging effect on life. Today the whole earth is in danger zone by alarming state of increasing pollution. This has direct drastic effects on environment.

There are numerous reasons that help pollution on rising tendency.      

The most important cause of pollution is the excessive and unwanted needs of man. In the olden days the atmosphere was pure. There were not many factors that polluted the air. There were not many large scale industries. There were few vehicles moved on the roads. Large forests helped the cleaning of air and pollutants like carbon dioxide. In the present days, all this has changed. Life has become tense and complex. Now people are using a number of vehicles and instruments that pollute the atmosphere.  Industrialization, though good for development, causes more and more pollution. After industrial Revolution the world is full of factories. Because of these the environment is largely polluted.

The most effecting factor is the large scale deforestation. Forests are being converted into living space and industrial hubs. The use of petrol, diesel and other fuels is on the increase. Smoke, dust, and poisonous gases released from vehicles and chimneys pollute the atmosphere. Unfortunately, proper measures are not being considered to bring this pollution under control. Metropolitan cities around the world suffer from large scale air pollution. There have many tragedies of happened in industries such as gas leaks, radiation, fires, etc. in recent times.

     The main effected one is HEALTH. People become unhealthy and diseased by breathing the polluted air, by drinking the polluted water. Industrial laws prescribe measures for keeping air pollution under control. Vehicles have to get pollution under control certificates (P.U.C.). Waste products from industries should not be let out carelessly. But these rules are seldom followed. Some gases released from industries are causing damage to the ozone layer that protects us from ultraviolet radiation. This has a seriously adverse effect on our health.

Some industries release their wastages into nearby rivers. This causes water pollution. The major perennial rivers are the worst affected in this regard across the world. The waters of rivers should be kept free from pollution. This helps surroundings stay clean. Large scale plantation has to be taken up. People along with governments should work hard and the laws should strictly be followed to bring pollution under control. Every citizen should do his best to lessen the pollution.

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