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Active Voice & Passive Voice.

Interrogative Sentences.

Simple Present Tense.

Active Voice & Passive Voice structure in Interrogative Sentences of Simple Present Tense.

Interrogative means Question.

There are two types of Interrogatives.

The First type:

Interrogatives that start with an auxiliary verb that is helping verb like do/does.


Do you speak English?

(This is affirmative or positive question).

The second Type:

            Interrogatives that start with ‘Wh’ words like – “Who, What, Which, When, Why, Where, and How”.


           Who speaks French here?

            (Positive Interrogative)

Structures in Active Voice and Passive Voice:

Active Voice Structure of Interrogatives with ‘Helping (Auxiliary) Verb:

Do/Does + Subject +V1 + Object?

(This is positive structure of Interrogative)

                                    The negative Structure is:

                 Do/Does + Subject + not + V1 + Object?


                  Don’t/Doesn’t + Sub + V1 + Obj?

                            (Don’t / doesn’t are the short forms of ‘Do not / Does not’.

Passive Voice structure of Positive Interrogative:

                        Am/is/are + Sub + V3 + by Object?

            Passive Voice structure of Negative Interrogative:

                        Am/is/are + Sub + not + V3 + by Object?      (Or)

                        Aren’t/isn’t/aren’t + Sub + V3 + by Object?    (Short form of ‘is not’ = aren’t) 


                        Positive Structure:

                                    Do you speak English?                       (Active Voice)

                                    Is English spoken by you?      (Passive Voice)

                        Negative Structure:

                                    Does he not speak French?   (Active Voice)


                                    Doesn’t he speak French?      (Active Voice – Short form)

Is French not spoken by him?            (Passive Voice)


                                    Isn’t French spoken by him? (Passive Voice – Short form)

More Examples for Positive PV of Interrogatives:

            (AV = Active Voice;    PV = Passive Voice)

  1. Does she write novels?                                         (AV)

Are novels written by him?                                    (PV)

2. Do they sell groceries?                                         (AV)

Are groceries sold by them?                                 (PV)

3. Does Jimmy celebrate his birthday?                     (AV)

Is his birthday celebrated by Jimmy?                    (PV)


More Examples for Negative PV of Interrogatives:

  1. Does she not write novels?                                               (AV)


Doesn’t she write novels? (Short form)           (AV)

Are novels not written by her?                        (PV)


Aren’t novels written by her? (Short form)                (PV)

2. Do they not sell groceries?                                               (AV)


Don’t they sell groceries?                                      (AV)

Are groceries not sold by them?                            (PV)


Aren’t groceries sold by them?                              (PV)

3. Does Jimmy not celebrate his birthday?               (AV)


Doesn’t Jimmy celebrate his birthday?                (AV)

Is his birthday not celebrated by Jimmy?                       (PV)


Isn’t his birthday celebrated by Jimmy?                (PV) 

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